About Our Clergy

All Saints’ Church functions under a model that is known as “Total Ministry.”  This means that we believe that God equips every congregation with people who possess the right mix of spiritual gifts to live faithfully in our time and place.  All the people of the congregation are the Ministers of this Church. Every congregation in this Diocese has a seminary-trained Priest in Charge; and most have people whose gifts for ordained ministry were recognized locally, and who have been trained and then ordained specifically to function as priests or deacons for their home congregation.


The Rt. Rev.  Michael Smith, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota, is our Chief Pastor.

mary clergy photo 2012


The Rev. Mary Johnson is our Priest in Charge.  She is a seminary-educated priest, who had been on loan from the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, here on a two year assignment (from November, 2011 to November 2013).  In March of 2013, with the approval of the Bishop of North Dakota the congregation called her to be the permanent half-time priest of All Saints’.  As this congregation responds to the challenges of Minot’s rapid growth due to the Bakken Oil Boom, she was charged with teaching and mentoring two Transitional Deacons on their way to ordination as priests. Erin and Paul (see below) were ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests on All Saints’ Day, 2014.   Until June 2013, Mary was also the Coordinator of Volunteers working in Minot to rebuild homes damaged by the Great Flood of the Souris River in the summer of 2011.  Now that that work has wound down she is more focused toward community development and, since May 2015, chairs the board of the Minot Men’s Winter Refuge.

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On Friday, November 1st, 2013 All Saints’ Day, Erin Richards and Paul Zaharia were ordained as Transitional Deacons by the Rt. Rev. Michael G. Smith, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota. They had been working and studying for this ministry for about two years.  A year later, after continuing their studies, they were ordained priests.

Erin and her husband Gregg have recently moved to Seattle, where Gregg has accepted a challenging new job.  Erin remains canonically resident in the Diocese of North Dakota, and she returns from time to time to maintain contact with the Diocese and our congregation.  She is exploring

Paul Zaharia has been serving at least two Sundays per month and holidays as priest at St. Sylvan’s Church in Dunseith.  His experience in construction is serving him and the people of St. Sylvan’s well as he and Canon John Floberg work to finish the construction of new worship space for that congregation.  Paul is truly gifted in pastoral care and has a special love for the senior citizens of All Saints’