All Saints’ Parishioners Offer Creative Responses to Minot’s 2011 Flood

Two All Saints’ parishioners, Kathy Hintz, and Micah Bloom, both professors at Minot State University, have published works that creatively respond to the 2011 floods in Minot.  Dr. Kathy Hintz, a professor of education, has written about how the educational community of Minot adapted when several schools were flooded, some beyond repair, to provide physical and emotional space for learning to take place six weeks later, when classes were scheduled to start.  You can read her article, “It Takes a Village to start the School Year: A Community Rallies after a Natural Disaster” in the Spring, 2013 edition of the Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin: International Journal for Professional Educators.  Here is a link to the website with Kathy’s article:


Micah Bloom, Assistant Professor of Art at Minot State, arrived here with his family in the fall of 2011, as a new professor, just after the flood.  He noticed how the flood had dispersed books and other print media, and how those artifacts had suffered in the flood.  Having been raised in a family with a deep love and respect for books, Micah created a multimedia presentation comprised of a film, entitled Codex, still photos and an exhibit of books that had survived the flood with widely varying degrees of damage.  You may view Micah’s work Thursday, April 4th at 7:30 pm at MSU’s Aleshire Theatre.   Here’s a link to the trailer to Micah’s film:

Codex from Josh Collins on Vimeo.

And here’s a photo of Micah from last Saturday’s pre-Easter clean-up.  Micah Bloom with ice photo