Come to All Saints’ on Sunday at 10 am


Art from the catacombs of Saints Marcellinus and Peter in Rome. A Christian burial site decorated with an image of the Celestial Banquet, a metaphor of the heavenly fellowship we will share in God’s presence at the culmination of all things. Every meal we share, whether it is Holy Communion in church or a family picnic or a state banquet or lunch in the school cafeteria, is a better meal when we remember we are breaking bread with people created in God’s image!×840.jpg


The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta writes in his weekly devotional column, For Faith: “At the center of our worship there’s a table. From the table we serve a common meal. Common because it’s for everybody. Extraordinary because it’s for anybody. Just like God. Jesus loved a good dinner party, I like that about him. From a table he sprang toward the sick with a healing hand. From feasts, he saw rigid religion for the famine it is. At a table, he saw folks wrangling to be exalted and honored. He knows, and so do we, that wrangling and jockeying are ways of saying you’re hungry to feel valued. Come to the banquet. Say you’re hungry. Be fed.”