December 16, 2012–The Third Sunday of Advent

C advent 3 bulletin cover

Earthweek published this beautiful photo of wildflowers blooming in the Atacama Desert of Chile, as a result of the extra rains brought by 2011’s La Nina weather cycle.  Wildflowers that had not been seen in years bloomed after almost 2 inches of rain fell during the previous year.  Flower seeds will come out of dormancy when .6 inches of rainfall.

This Sunday we will sing a beautiful Advent hymn with words by Gracia Grindal (Hope Publishing Company, 1990).  Its chorus is “The desert shall rejoice and blossom a a rose.”  I can’t imagine a more appropriate cover for “Rose Sunday,” the 3rd Sunday of Advent, when we light the Rose candle and begin to rejoice in the hope of the Coming of Christ into our lives.