Light in The Darkness–Advent and Christmas at All Saints’

Advent is so much more than a count-down until Christmas.  It is a time when we meditate on the COMINGS (notice the “S” on “comings”!) of our Lord in our world and in our lives.  Paradoxically, we begin by reflecting on what is sometimes called the Second Coming–God’s coming in power and glory at the culmination of all things.  On the First Sunday of Advent, we pray to be ready for Christ’s coming “in power and great glory to judge both the living and the dead”.  On the Second and Third Sundays of Advent, we look at the life of John the Baptist, the quintessential prophetic forerunner of the Messiah.  Finally, on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we reflect on the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, inviting her to share in bringing forth the Savior of the World.  On that fourth Sunday, we also pray that we may be prepared to welcome Jesus into our own hearts.  Come and join us, in this dark time of the year, as each week, we light one more candle of our Advent Wreath, anticipating the coming of the Light of the World!  It is a time of beauty and awe, mystery and great joy.
SUNDAY, December 2  The FIRST Sunday of Advent
Holy Eucharist at 10 am
SUNDAY, December 9  The SECOND Sunday of Advent
Holy Eucharist at 10 am
SUNDAY, December 16  The THIRD Sunday of Advent
Holy Eucharist at 10 am
SUNDAY, December 23  The FOURTH Sunday of Advent
Holy Eucharist at 10 am
MONDAY, December 24 CHRISTMAS EVE–First celebration of the Nativity of our Lord
Holy Eucharist and Candlelight Service at 11 PM
TUESDAY, December 25CHRISTMAS DAY–The Nativity of Our Lord
Holy Eucharist at 10 am.  This is a quieter, joyous service for people who would prefer to drive in the daytime.
SUNDAY, December 30  The First Sunday of Christmas
Lessons and Carols in the traditional Kings’ College style at 10 am.
SUNDAY, January 6 The Epiphany of our Lord
Children’s Epiphany Pageant and Holy Eucharist at 10 am.