The Rev. Deacon Alice Yeager

Word reached us early this morning that our beloved Deacon Alice Yeager died peacefully in her sleep just before 5 am (September 28), at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis, of complications of ovarian cancer. During the week that she was hospitalized, she was surrounded by her loving family and friends.  Those who couldn’t come called her.  She couldn’t always make a long response, but many times as I sat beside her, she said, “I love you.”  “Thank you for taking care of me.”  “I am ready to go to God.”  Her son, Bryan Yeager, her daughter, Robyn Yeager Brakel, her son-in-law Mike, and her two granddaughters, Christina and Maya, will be coming to Minot next week, bringing Alice’s ashes.  A service of Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving to God for her life and ministry is being planned for late next week, and details will follow as they become available.

What a blessing it has been to have Alice’s leadership in the Soup Kitchen, in pastoral care, and in the liturgy.  Alice read the Gospel each Sunday; she lived the Gospel seven days a week, always ready to share what she had, always ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus, feeding and nourishing bodies and souls, reaching out in love. She leaves a hole in our hearts and in our community that only our God of Abundant Love can fill.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory!