Useful Links

Episcopal Denominational Church Offices
From there you can link to many other sites.

Episcopal Church news
For official news about the Episcopal Church, go to:

Other, less official, forums for news and opinion about the Episcopal Church may be found at:   or, for a more international perspective, try
Anglicans Online.

Faith and Spirituality
For a broad-based approach to faith and spirituality, try Krista Tippett’s wide-ranging and always interesting hourly radio show, which you can hear on Prairie Public Radio or online:

Daily Prayer
Episcopalians, sharing in the Anglican Communion, have our roots in the Benedictine spirituality of the Daily Office.  Check out Mission St. Clare, which has formatted daily Morning and Evening Prayer both for your smart phone and for the computer.  It’s a great way to get to know this practice, designed to help you grow closer to our Lord and live faithfully and confidently. The link is:  You can even pray while practicing your Spanish if you choose the Spanish-language option!

What will be read on Sunday?  If you are slated to read a lesson, if you were intrigued, confused, frustrated, annoyed, or blessed by a reading from the Bible that you heard in church, you may want to find it again.  Go to:

Anglican Matters
For an independent but enthusiastic view of anglican matters, go to:
This is maintained by Anglican volunteers from around the world. It claims to have links to 10,000 other sites associated with matters Anglican, though we have not verified all 10,000 links to see if they are working.

Wiki Episcopal Church
Wikipedia’s article on the Episcopal Church is at: Episcopal_Church_in_the_United_States_of_America
The beauty of this site is that you can edit the page if you don’t like the information.

Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota
The site of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota is at:
The Diocesan Offices are located in Fargo, housed with Gesthemane Cathedral.
The Cathedral has its own site at:

Two national magazines offer perspective on national matters of faith. For a more conservative/evangelical view, look at Christianity Today at:
For a more liberal view, consult Christian Century at

Should you be looking for an Episcopal Church in another area of the United States, the site for you is:

Church Politics
If you are deadly serious about in-depth knowledge about international church politics, you could try: As you can see, it’s published in the UK and bends to the left.

For a conservative philosophical / academic take on matters of faith, try: